Service Level Agreement

       Optimize your hardware

With your data centre hardware reaching the end of its warranty, you face a pivotal business decision. You could renew IT maintenance support with your OEM or capitalize on a robust market for independent support. Impedance Systems Company is by far one of the largest independent IT maintenance company in the Nigeria — doing business nationwide, yet maintaining the agility to operate locally in various geographical regions. We propose a IT hardware maintenance and support services which provide our clients with an independent, OEM alternative for post-warranty IT hardware support services, especially on mission-critical, non-critical and disaster recovery IT assets.

Freed from restrictive OEM contracts, you’re also freer to align existing IT resources to your business’s unique challenges and opportunities.

We carry out our services through a Service Level Contract Agreement for all your hardware maintenance and support. We provide maintenance and support services on IT peripherals:

    • Copiers            • Networking Equipment
    • Servers and Storage    • Power Equipment (UPS and Inverters)
    • Peripherals (Printers, Plotters, Scanners)

This is to provide your organization’s IT infrastructure with on time technical support and preventive maintenance which in turns guarantee a peace of mind and zero downtime. Clients choose ISC for post-warranty support because we help them identify savings, mitigate risk, and efficiently transition assets to our care. This in turn supports your bigger thinking, frees your time, slays your headaches and saves you money.