With vast knowledgeable professionals in the power industry and enough experience from various individuals, organizations and corporate firms, we offer the best power services in Nigeria and West Africa that you can only get from us. Our excellent power services span include planning, commissioning and installations as well as repair and maintenance packages, analytical services, monitoring and equipment rental program. Customers can rely on the availability 24 hours a day no matter where in the world located. We deliver expert knowledge of our product range and applications to your industry sector. Certified to the highest of standards in all regions of the country and beyond ensuring that our highly available and reliable products are matched by the same in power services to you.

Analytical Services

Disturbances in your electrical power can lead to serious malfunctions in your business equipment. We undertake sophisticated power quality analyses to identify problems. Tests include everything from grounding to harmonic surveys to detect problems with voltage, current, harmonics and other factors. We will recommend procedures for rectifying and preventing any problems.

Planning, Installation & Commissioning

Installation solutions to get you up and running smoothly and swiftly

As a world-class systems provider, we provide a proven portfolio of installation services to ensure your critical power systems are designed and delivered to the highest standards. Carried out by our team of highly experienced and certified engineers, our service offering provides comprehensive project management, from initial site surveys to expert installation and Pro Care™ commissioning to get your systems up and running smoothly, safely and swiftly whatever their size and whatever the application.

Battery Services

Protecting your standby power with rigorous battery maintenance

Batteries are the weakest link in modern critical power systems. As well as having a finite lifespan, inadequate maintenance and extreme operational conditions can make them liable to premature failure, so compromising your standby power and increasing the risk of expensive downtime. The high cost of batteries adds to the pressure, making proper maintenance crucial in safeguarding your long-term investment. Through our long experience in critical power solutions, Impedance Systems Company recognizes the need for a stringent ongoing program of battery maintenance by trained specialists. From robust testing to safe battery disposal, our dedicated teams will ensure your batteries deliver the optimum performance and longevity to maximize your up-time

Lightning Protection

ISC can provide a full design and installation solution for your lightning protection requirement. Using the latest risk assessment software and with the help of experienced professionals, we can accurately define the level of lightning protection as defined under Nigerian Standard guidelines. We can produce reports, drawings as well as offering un-biased advice and solutions for your requirements in line with all relevant industry standards.


Specific earthing designs are needed to meet your equipment/building requirements and require a detailed analysis to ensure the highest level of safety and Nigerian Standards compliance. Our earthing designs utilize the latest software to ensure you are being provided with best solution.