Routing and switching

Close the gap between the demands on your network and your capabilities

More and more devices connect to your network these days, driving the volume and importance of data carried by LANs and WANs to unprecedented levels. Phones, tablets laptops, servers, storage devices … even security cameras and tracking devices now have IP addresses. This is driving the volume, variety and importance of data on the network to unprecedented levels.

It’s no wonder your network architecture and equipment struggle to cope.

The gap between demand and capability can be time consuming and costly to close. Extra wireless access points may increase capacity but could hurt network performance rather than solve the enterprise mobility problem.A well-designed and well-managed core network can help you take advantage of the trends, rather than buckle under their weight.

Impedance Systems Company designs, builds and manages routing and switching networks for service provider, enterprise campus (LAN) and enterprise branch (WAN) connectivity. We do this by evaluating your needs in these areas

We’ll help you balance the need for new and innovative services on a highly available, scalable and secure network, within the financial realities of today’s decreasing budgets. With our solutions and services, you’ll achieve