Datacentre Services

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Our position as your datacentre service provider

Our desire is to optimize the potentials of your datacentre

Impedance Systems Company is uniquely positioned to help you realize your optimal data centre configuration, whether by transforming your existing infrastructure, or by planning and building a brand new data centre..
We have been working with data centres for over a decade and our technicians have amassed unrivaled experience in enterprise data centre technologies. As one of the few systems integrator accredited by not only Cisco but also NetApp, IBM and HP, we are architecturally and operationally independent—allowing us to identify and implement the precise combination of hardware, software and services that will give your business the edge that comes from data centre excellence. We span the range of data centre design and build activities, from transforming your current data centre right through to planning and building new data centres from the ground up.

Datacentre Architectural Designs and Renovations

Impedance Systems Company takes a holistic approach to data centre renovations with a focus upon early planning. These facility upgrades are more complex than one thinks and it is critical to have a fundamentally sound data centre design process aimed at:
    • Meeting IT support requirements
    • Reducing risk
    • Providing adaptability and scalability
    • Improving maintainability and serviceability
    • Delivering a newly renovated facility which meets the engineered plans
ISC’s Data Centre Revamp approach begins with a thorough planning & feasibility phase prior to implementation of architectural and engineering services.

Our Datacentre Services

Migrate your data centre without losing your mind.

Carefully and methodically, ISC can help you accomplish any data center migration. The ISC Data Centre Migration service helps clients with full-infrastructure transitions to new locations, regardless if the target is co-location, hosted or private cloud. ISC’s Migration services are deeply rooted in our proven methodology and best practices. If you are looking for a firm that understands technology, mitigates risk, and maintains an OEM independent position, then Impedance Systems is the right choice for your organization. Our end-to-end methodology supports all aspects for a complete migration from infrastructure discovery to production hand-off to the client.

Moving big iron takes skilled expertise.

Impedance Systems provide white-glove relocation services, nationwide and beyond. Although ISC can and will do single IT asset moves, we’re much more than a hardware moving service. In addition to our relocation and project management expertise, we have a globally deployed infrastructure of full-time hardware field engineers, cross-trained on multiple platforms. These highly qualified, seasoned experts are relied upon to plan and execute every relocation project, and their depth of expertise ensures every asset transition is handled perfectly, down to the smallest detail. Our team understands that every relocation is different, and can tailor our white-glove relocation service to your specific requirements. Local IT asset moves, basic pack-and-move operations, or full relocation planning, project management, and execution – our experts have a solution for you.

Data Centre Revamp are one path data centre and IT managers can take to improve the performance of the underlying facility infrastructure to support IT load requirements, increase available space, and improve overall reliability of their facilities. While most of the time renovating a data centre may be less expensive than building new, it’s still not unusual for costs to climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once preliminary goals are established for the renovation it is important to establish a realistic and thorough budget estimate. In a given year, more than 1/3rd of enterprises undertake data centre renovation programs aimed at extending the life of existing data centres. Renovations typically address specific components in the facility to eliminate short-term issues such as power shortages, space limitations, and cooling constraints. As IT infrastructure is upgraded from stand-alone rack servers to blade servers, the facility supporting infrastructure is not necessarily upgraded at the same time.

Secure and effective data sanitisation

We provide a full variety of data deletion solutions to fit your needs. From do-it-yourself software and hardware to managed erasure services. Our solutions erase all traces of information from the targeted media and provide you with peace of mind that your data has been completely removed