Asset Disposition

Our ITAD solution help make the best use of tired IT resources


You can enjoy the flexibility of having ISC perform a one-time IT asset takeout service, or a company-wide, process-integrated disposition service for everything from enterprise systems to tablets. Not only does ISC’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service provide a sophisticated solution for IT asset decommissioning, but it can also be combined with many of our other complementary services

Improper disposal can occur at any level within a company. Banks have accidentally thrown out computers containing confidential client information, and high level executives have sold phones containing valuable company information. A company is financially responsible for all data it stores and can face serious consequences if this data is breached — especially if the reason for the breach is negligence.
Deleting documents and files stored on a computer cannot always remove all of the data. In fact, there are special programs specifically designed to pull deleted data from a hard drive. The only way to ensure data remains safe is to have a drive professionally wiped or destroyed.