Looking to increase productivity and profitability of your staff?

Get everyone on the same page

Microsoft SharePoint gives you and your staff a centralized system that allows you to work together more effectively. With SharePoint Online from Microsoft and Impedance Systems, now businesses like yours can get the power of cloud computing behind their collaborative efforts as well. Microsoft SharePoint Online delivers the SharePoint Server technology you already know as an online service for reliable cloud computing. You’ll be able to easily create sites where you and your staff, customers and partners can share documents, collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Allowing for better organization, collaboration and workflow management

This multi-faceted platform from Microsoft helps organizations integrate, manage and share data. SharePoint can streamline and accelerate business processes and make it easy to securely share information both within and outside your organization. With deep knowledge of the SharePoint platform, ISC can help you develop a unique SharePoint experience customized to suit your individual business goals and needs.
SharePoint provides a technology platform that supports many functions needed to run your business:

    Shared calendar
    Document management
    Content management
    Intranet backbone
    Help-desk Management
    Case Management

Custom Web Applications

We provide a team approach

You don't just get one person with limited IT knowledge and experience, but a team of IT consulting experts. We have over vast consultants in over 25 cities nationwide! In addition to basic IT services, Impedance Systems Company is pleased to offer your company technology-based solutions for your business challenges. We can help you on specific projects or be your entire IT department.

Reasons why you should choose SharePoint