Access Control


Access Control and Security

Keeping your employees and your work environment safe and secure is critical. At the most basic level, access control systems enable your employees to open a door with a card, code, thumb print, retinal scan or facial recognition instead of having to carry a key. But these systems can do so much more


    • Set who is allowed to open certain doors
    • Set who is allowed to open certain doors
    • Limit employee access to business hours only
    • Track entries and attempted entries to secured areas
    • Automatically lock and unlock main doors at
     the beginning and end of business hours
    • Immediately remove access of employees who leave
     your company

Impedance Systems Company provides cost-effective, turnkey Access Control Systems designed to meet your specific requirements.

Card Access

IP Video Management

Intelligent Video

Biometrics (2D and 3D)


Perimeter Protection

Smart Card Credential Management

Physical/Logical Convergence

These systems allow you to perform such tasks as monitoring alarms, storing recorded digital video, and tracking assets. To ensure that your system meets your needs, we will conduct a assess Risk Management assessment of your facilities and companies. Data gleaned from this assessment will allow us to design, implement, and install a system that will create a healthy, risk-free environment.